Below Live Audio Listen To MB6IEI When It's In Use


Please Feel Free To Use MB6IEI wires-X Connected Gateway

Hi and welcome to the MB6IEI Yaesu Fusion wires-X Enabled Gateway. Located close to junction 5 of the M61 Running on 431.1375 Mhz. The gateway is not active 24/7 as 70Cms is a shared amateur band, and it is only up if I am around, these are the times when it is online.

Mondays to Fridays every evening from 17:00 hours local, to 23:55 hours local.(BST/GMT) Saturday and Sundays from 09:00 until 01:00 hours. Occasionally the gateway may be open earlier during the weekends, but rarely will I leave it running after 01:00. If I am working from home I will put the gateway up during the week, you will know this as you will hear activity on the frequency. During holidays like Christmas it will be running every day.

The station uses a Yaesu FTM100DE transceiver, and a vertical antenna at 400 feet ASL If you can hear it, then generally speaking you can work through it The gateway is a simplex one there is no tx/rx shift, so you tx , and then listen on 431.1375 Mhz

Treat the link as you would any Yaesu Fusion wires-X Linked repeater

To connect tune to 431.1375 MHz press the DX button on your radio and MB6IEI will reply when you connect

Navigate to the ALL menu On your radio and request a list of wires-X connected Rooms from MB6IEI ( MB6IEI Defaults To The UK-NET-HUB )

Choose one to connect to then press the PTT and MB6IEI will reply when connected

To disconnect send *

You can find more information here Yaesu.com

You can find more information here Yaesu wires-X

You can find more information here wires-X User ID List

Please use the Yaesu Fusion wires-X gateway as you would your own station, and never become embroiled in any arguments.

Best 73. Shaun G7IEI